24 thoughts on “1994 World Cup Ireland vs Italy”

  1. I did mean to imply that England were playing better football that Ireland.

    I do agree with you that England are expected to get to the Semi or even final
    but that should also apply to Ireland But the reality is that England are not good enough to make it to this stage of the tournament today. In 1990 England could compete with the likes of Germany but not today.

    If you want the Irish golden years to come back you will need to do it on your own as English football is very poor today.

  2. But you have to put it into context. Yes, England played better football than Ireland at the 1990 World Cup.

    Cameroon were decent & no pushovers by any means. But the Italian team Ireland beat were a different class altogether. Half the squad had just after winning the Champions League in probably the most one sided Champions League final of all time against a brilliant Barcelona team.

    And England are expected to get quarters & semi-finals Ireland are not.

  3. The facts are that England made it to the semi final playing quality football and not kicking the ball up the field as fast as they could.

    They were narrowly beaten by a brilliant German team. The English team today are no were near this level and I cannot see British football changing the game to concentrate on skill.

    You are you trying to say that Cameroon team could not play football?

  4. England made it to a semi final in 1990 and were narrowly outclassed by an amazing German team.

    But those days are gone now England today is all about strengh, running and who has the most bling Surrey Ferrari house.

    If you want to see Ireland produce a side like the 90&94 side you will have to develop your own league that focuses on skill and not physical play such as tackling.

    Us English are not going to help you out any more as we cannot even produce a team for our self.

  5. England hadn’t a success win like this in a major tournament against a tournament favourite since 1966, thats too put into context how huge this win was.

  6. Paul McGrath is (Mixed-Race) BIRACIAL not Black and thats exactley how he should be described for what he Really is in REALITY instead of just taking a short cut around his Mixed heritage. Enough Said.

  7. Letting you Dumb people out there know that Paul McGrath was not the first Black captain to play for Ireland he was the first (Half-Caste) Racially-Mixed captain. He was 50% CREATED (PRODUCED) and INVENTED by the Sexual Organs of a White European woman. To be a Black person your both parents must be 100% Black. But Paul McGrath is 50% White and 50% Black so that genetically makes him BIRACIAL. He has Equal amounts of White Ancestors and Relatives as he does Black Ancestors and Relatives.

  8. Paul McGrath is such a well spoken man. It saddens me that he can’t see the way out of his pain. This was such a highlight for Irish football. And didn’t Ray Houghton take that goal so beautifully!

  9. Great Irish team. I saw this game and i was sur that the italians were going to win.
    I was 9 years old, and since then i new they can easaly be defeated in first rounds.
    But i think 2002’s team outperformed this one.
    Any way you should have participated to 2010 edition and the fifa maust change some rules as sun as possible.
    Sorry for my aproximat english.

  10. I was at this game with my father. I was 21 years old. The Italians fans were outnumbered.Half of Ireland showed for the game.. Italy lost but it was great to be at a World Cup game with my father! 🙂

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