19 thoughts on “1996 Bowling World Cup, Northern Ireland, Paeng Nepomuceno”

  1. Paeng is and will ever will be the bowling legend. His world record has not
    yet been matched. Proud to be a Filipino bowler.

  2. Respond to this video… @JuliaErzanne: Bowling is about being effective
    and efficient. If that means the style has to be boring so what? in the end
    the only thing that matters is the amount of trophies or wins Paeng have

  3. wow ha! guiness book of record! ang laki talagang nacontribute u sa ating
    bansa, malaking karangalan yan, saludo ako sayo Paeng…. greatest bowler
    ever!!!!!!!!! Guiness book of record ang may sabi ha hindi ako, kaya 2
    thumbs ako…

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