25 thoughts on “2011 RWC – USA vs Ireland (Part 1 of 8)”

  1. I was the prop for my school neuqua valley that is the position where you
    actually have to lift the other person up.

  2. america seems to be making the laws up as they go. cost of transport + food
    for detaining $5,000. cost of shooting him and leaving in the gutter. $5.
    cap im, sprinkle some crack on him and lets get outta here johnson 😛

  3. You’ve missed the point of the comment, someone was saying that the US
    actually played a good game, to which I replied that it was in fact Ireland
    that played like shite.

  4. and by opposite, do you mean definition? hence I am the definition of a
    super genius. I for one do not want someone to put their hand up my ass
    when I want to fly.

  5. The reason I didn’t mention them is because they’re not that well known yet
    around the world, I could also have said golf too.

  6. I don’t blame you, I’m a US citizen, but I’ve got ancestors a few
    generations back that were from Ireland. And since US is a “free
    country”…. or supposed to be anyway, no one should blame anyone if they
    cheer for another country : D.

  7. please can i not just have pride in my country i just wanna be able to say
    sumthing good about my country ireland doesnt really have much going for
    them and im not retarded wtf ?

  8. I’m Irish too but that doesn’t mean the rugby team can play bad, he said
    that they played shite and you said ”don’t say that about my country”
    which leads me to the conclusion that you’re retarded.

  9. @19EHF perhaps Irish descent?? or that Obama has totally ruined any
    national pride Americans have what with the nazi bills he is passing :p

  10. Ireland do have a lot going for them in rugby, boxing, horse racing and
    other sports, so we have a good rugby team and they played bad, so what is
    he saying that is so bad about Ireland? You have no idea how stupid you

  11. and by ‘idiot’ do you perhaps mean ‘super genius’ ? dont come crying to me
    whyen soldiers got you by the balls, or the TSA deems in necessary to stick
    a hand up everyones ass to ensure ‘security’. …or some other blurb!!

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