25 thoughts on “2013 World Magic Cup – Day 2, Stage 2, Round 2 – Ireland vs. Belarus”

  1. Does anyone else notice that Zac changes his prediction of the plays that
    are made when the players play differently than what he thinks?

  2. At 46:51, Miadzvedski could have won that turn. He could have played
    Geralf’s Messenger bringing Tuite down to 9. Sack the Messenger to the
    Bloodthrone Vampire to bring Tuite down to 6. Attack with Lifebane Zombie
    bringing Tuite down to 3 because of Intimidate. Then he sacks Lifebane
    Zombie, Geralf’s Messenger, and then Blood Artist to the Bloodthrone
    Vampire to bring Tuite down to 0 and win the match. It didn’t matter in the
    end, but Tuite could have drawn a card to win after Miadzvedski passed

  3. The only thing that allowed UWR to be a deck on this competition is that
    they have no time limit…

  4. Same here. I didn’t know shit about Belarus before seeing that show other
    than the fact that it existed. Now, no matter what Belarus does, it will
    always exist in my mind as a super-creepy incestuous crazy girl. I guess
    that’s not really fair to Belarus… but god damn is it funny.

  5. Iceland, population 322 thousand. USA, population 316 million. Thats a
    difference of almost 1:1000. And USA is out and Iceland is still in. I
    guess MTG is really popular there.

  6. I don’t like creatures behind lands. It seems sometimes that it’s meant for
    distraction, as you may overlook some things in a complicated board state.

  7. I’m not sure that some players don’t use it that way, but I’m not saying
    all do, either, of course. It may just be a fortunate side effect. Either
    way, it’s not that big of a deal.

  8. What’s sad is that israel goes 6-7. The USA goes 6-3-1 and doesn’t make the
    top 16. Da fuq.

  9. The intro, with the cheesy music and national flags, is so incredibly lame
    that it’s actually good.

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