Aguirre Signs Two Year Contract For Japan

Japan’s early departure from the 2014 World Cup wrapped up Alberto Zaccheroni’s time in charge of the Japanese as he was replaced by the Mexican manager Javier Aguirre.

Javier Aguirre is believed to have signed a 2 year long contract the national Japanese team with the former coach of Mexico earning around $2.5 million each year and if he manages to seal positive results during his time in charge of the squad, the contract has an option that would allow him to continue being the manager for an extended period of time.

The 55 years old Mexican coach Javier Aguirre already has experience in not only coaching national football teams’ but also in managing big clubs such as: Athletic Madrid.

When the announcement was made official to the public, the technical director of the Japanese national football team Hiromi Hara went on praising Javier Aguirre and explaining some of the reasons why the board of directors opted to choose the Mexican as the next coach of Japan.

“We have agreed on terms and the executive board has approved his appointment. He has a lot of experience. He knows how to win and that’s exactly what we want to raise the level of our team. I want him to help us become the kind of team that can stand firm even when we’re playing badly or we’re up against a strong opponent. We wanted someone with experience of European or South American football, and he also has international experience and experience of the World Cup.”

Aguirre has done a reasonably well job with Mexico during his time coaching the national side as he guided the team to the round of 16 on 2 different occasions during the 2002 and 2010 World Cup.