21 thoughts on “Breen White & Gold (Official Unofficial Euro 2012 Song – Ireland)”

  1. are you really? could you send me on e-mail address for him.
    we have an 11 side team called after him. we are doing well and was wondering would he be on for joining us for a shindig at the end of the season to celebrate with us?

  2. What i noticed in the euro championship is The Irish men impressed the Polish women!
    Gonna go to poland cuz irish women just fucking bishes!

  3. Well, the predictions in this song didn’t exactly transpire… But we really do have the best fans in the world, havin’ the craic loud and proud till the end! That’s the way to do it!

  4. You do realise it says ‘Breen’ instead of ‘Green’ right!? We are going for ‘Gold’ this year are we not? But more importantly you should go help all songwriters find the magic word that rhymes with Orange.

  5. As this is not the first time you have mentioned the lyrics in your seemingly never-ending tirade of knob-headed ignorance, i would like to direct you to the lyrics of the song…
    Just click on “show more” under the video and there they will be; staring you in the (presumably quite dim looking) face.
    You will find there is no mention in the lyrics of colour other than green – ie “come on the boys in green”.
    Now; stop being a total bell-end, and leave people to support their country in peace!

  6. sure as long as you know that you’re wrong that’s the important thing, because y’know you are wrong. You should change the lyrics, it must be embarrassing for you that you don’t know the colours of your own flag lol

  7. My comment was removed because of the web-link i think, so here goes again…

    Your man with the orange fever, just get over it lad! You’re being a d!ck-head, and that’s not very Irish now is it?!

    Google this: “clarechampion old green white and gold” and learn something for yourself

  8. Nice one Seanpage! Plus, orange can be referred to as gold. (Just google “wiki gold colour”)
    It is purely subjective whether or not to judge a particular shade of orange as being “gold”. 😉

  9. if you click on their itunes link you can clearly see the colours are green white and orange so whats this fuss about?

  10. Ah using an exclamation mark, now that’s more like it. Capitals aren’t for emphasis, that’s italics. (^_^)
    While it’s true that many morans don’t know the true colours of our flag (even though they live in and are from Ireland) you would expect that a band who were writing a song about Ireland would at the very least do some research and make sure that they knew the colous of their own flag. 😀

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