25 thoughts on “Documentary: Euro 2012 – The Last Of Supporters”

  1. thats right man,media and paparazi doesn’t care about good stuff.they only
    care about bad stuff only.

  2. great movie, It actually shows you that real great atmosphere which was
    during the Euro and supporters having a great fun and not fighting like it
    was shown and exaggerated by media

  3. Irish are so laid-back. 🙂 Met two Celtic fans in a pub in Helsinki, when
    they played against our side in the Champions League qualification. Great
    lads and had a nice time talking ’bout footie and such. 🙂

  4. lol I take it you are an english man..fucking muppet sit down and watch
    true supports son

  5. rakesh lakhan – fuck off you dirty towel head, camel jockey, spice stinking
    paki cunt

  6. 17:44..Croatian guy: Ive a warm message for England..You’l never beat the
    Irish..haha brilliant..Poland, Croatia and Ireland…Stick together!!! Come
    on the Irish 🙂

  7. Yas that looked class fair play to Croatia, Ireland and Poland. Best fans
    of the tournament by far, ..croatia supporter .”england you’ll never beat
    the Irish ” ..

  8. remember watching the Ireland spain game in the pup b4 heading 2 lay some
    poker best way 2 have it

  9. Really enjoyed this documentary, we had the best time in Torun, cant wait
    to go back, Polska Biało Czerwony,

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