25 thoughts on “Eamon Dunphy reaction to Roy Keane after Spain vs Ireland Euro 2012”

  1. dunphy used the same interview(the 1 on itv) as a reason O’neill made him
    assistant to Ireland, “he must have been watching it” Dunphy talking out
    his ass again consistent contradiction.

  2. are these the same ‘flag waving leprechauns’ that Dunphy slagged off only a
    few years ago , on mature reflection … there is a pair of em in.. it
    Keane and Dunphy , two egos’ that people pay too much attention too.

  3. dunphy has had it in for roy keane for a few years….there was a failing
    out a couple of years ago over something, cant remember what about. go back
    ten years to saipan and dunphy was standing up for keane. asking dunphy
    this question was always going to provoke a biased and stinging attack on

  4. After seeing the keane reaction to the ireland fans I think dunphy has
    really gone over the top tbh…. The fans were great yes but in all
    fairness roy was right about the team…. They were shite and his point is
    because the support was so good that people forgot how shit our performance
    was…. I think that the irish team needs complete reform after those sort
    of results….. It was an abomination…..

  5. Dunphy has reacted like a wife. He has gone all emotive. He ignored the
    fact that Keane states the fans deserve better.

  6. this is the man who used to go drinking with all the fianna fail boys
    around dublin during the boom. idiot

  7. not getting my “knickers in a twist”…..just getting sick of listening to
    roy keane, his opinion is invalid because all he ever wants to do is pick a
    fight and settle old scores, he had a troubled childhood and needs
    psyciatric help

  8. What Keane said is correct – the Irish fans let themselves down by
    happy-clapping one bad performance/passage of play after another. You turn
    up to football games to react to what you see and reward the good passages
    of play with noise and passion. Equally, if what you see isn’t good enough
    you get on their backs to stir up a response. Maybe Irish fans don’t
    understand this as their domestic league is so inferior…

  9. We have to listen to this wanker DUNPHY and his drivel, Roy made a good
    point and he wasn’t attacking the supporters.

  10. What a great point that is and one with truth behind it. I to remember that
    quote from Dunphy referring to Irish fans as flag waving monkeys a number
    of years back. I don’t agree that Keane is in it though? Having watched his
    comments all he done was state Irish fans deserve better

  11. agreed, the man is a winner accused in 2002 of walking out on his country
    when in actual fact he was sent home for continuous speaking out against
    poor preparation and even to this day in 2012 people still carry a hang up
    over it and look to change things his said to make him out to be a villan.
    Keane is a winner nothing more and nothing less.

  12. Now now, surely we’re both above rallying off cliches about how fantastic
    the Irish support is. Life would be boring if we all held the same views.

  13. Cliche or not you’ve failed to address why, on one mans say so, Irelands
    reputation for having the best supporters in the world should now no longer
    be the case? If you wanna sit on your sofa and echo everything RK says..
    fine. But i actually get out in the world go to tournaments SUPPORT the
    team and have a bit of craic while I’m there on my HOLIDAYS. Ironic you
    mention how boring life can be after castigating fans for having a bit of
    craic.. Im sure thats logical on Planet Roy.. nano nano

  14. Wrong- that is not what being a supporter is about.If your attitude is
    ‘sing whatever happens’ then you might as well have a choir show up to
    ‘support’ the team. Real supporters aren’t mugs-they respond to the
    displays and the ebb and flow of the game in kind.Your point about Irish
    fans and the big English teams is actually quite apt then – maybe they
    picked up this sheep like quality from glory-hunting/following the masses.
    Happyclappers/Daytrippers are never an intimidating sight either way.

  15. he does say the fans deserve better but he also ses they must change there
    mentality, in other words he ses they shouldnt be singing and cheering on
    there team when there 4 fuckin nil down. The fans wer ledgends and Keano
    and Dunphy are also ledgends but thats what i took from the interview
    anyway. “Praise the fans FOR THE SAKE OF IT”.

  16. When you think of dunphys drunk rant from years ago defending keane. when
    all along we knew what roy keane was. a great footballer with a scum bag

  17. Keane walks out on his problems and always has a go at the Irish team on
    English TV. Dunphy is pot on here.

  18. Yes I seen that interview before and remember the comment. I hope Keane is
    successful in management as it needs him and he needs it. Love to see him
    manage Ireland at some point also.

  19. actually you are right on Keane, he has set himself high standards…its a
    fair point that we should expect a better all round performance

  20. Real supporters aren’t mugs you say ? If your a real fan your doing a fine
    job of shooting down your own assertion. Ya know what amazes me is that
    supporters who have gained a worldwide reputation for being the best and
    something in which we could be proud of is no longer the case, just because
    Roy says so. it’s pathetic. I’m suprised he wasn’t outside outside the
    stadium with his’down with this sort ot thing’ placard.. oh no wait he was
    in some itv box detatched from fans and reality as usual.

  21. Dunphy has lost his bottle.10 years ago he would have been saying the same
    thing as roy.And his snide remark that roy wouldnt be anything without the
    fans? Fuck off Dunphy you RTE sycophant.

  22. While I understand that what Keane said is blown out of all proportion…in
    my opinion he lost any right to comment on the Irish team or fans when he
    walked out on us in Japan!!

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