24 thoughts on “England vs Ireland full highlights 2011 Cricket World Cup”

  1. ireland surely are a great team, team with rising stars.. N who eva finks irish players are shit then u need to go do some research, irish players are givin good performance in county cricket…. It not neccesary that if ur a bowler u cant bat……….. Welll done ireland c u regulary on tv

  2. @Gemzie1995 Kevin O’Brien & Alex Cusack are certainly not bowlers, so it really shows the level of knowledge you have to come out with a fact like that. They are able to bowl but their primary job is to bat. It must be so sad to be as negative and twisted as you’re. Don’t know how to hold the bat?, right you’ve sunk your own argument right there…

  3. Everyone on this Page is Stupid!..How can 2 Bowlers chase 227 runs?? r u stupid! this was clearly a match Fix.. irelands 1st 5 player got out in the first 10 over and u expect other to chase 227 what type of cricket is thiss! they dnt even knw how to hold a bat properly think!!

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