25 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Irish football song,”We’re on the way” by Owen Branagan”

  1. Great song, very catchy. by far the most original melody of the songs I
    have heard so far. Great lyrics and very uplifting!

  2. We’d love to have ‘We’re on the Way’ at our EURO(vision) Football Song
    Contest! We’re having a night to celebrate all the great songs that have
    been written to cheer on the Boys In Green. Come along and play 22nd May,
    The Grand Social, Dublin. Its a fundraiser for the Pedal To Poland, our
    charity cycle to Poland this summer. Get in touch if you want to play.
    Should be a laugh Cheers Matt

  3. Awesome song.. what a great hook! We’re gonna win the Euros, lads. I can
    taste it.

  4. Olay olay olay , i remember itlay if i can get my son’s away from there
    xbox/wii & enjoy footy . I love this song ..

  5. This song is class best i’ve heard Very Catchy …Oh OH Oh C’mon Trappotoni

  6. love this tune,can already hear the terraces chanting the chorus and trap
    and d boys dancin in joe’s,fair play

  7. nice song, love it! wish the boys in green all the best for the euro!
    greetings from switzerland, we have to stay at home … ;-(

  8. I’ll be there for sure! Only 1 small problem I have to work until 9.30 so I
    wont get in to two until about after 10pm so is it possible I could perform
    the song then?

  9. Catchy chorus…I can imagine the crowds singing ‘OOHHH OOHHH OOHHH’
    together. Nice one Owen.

  10. incredible, amazing, cant breathe. polish man and post in.. ENGLISH! im
    proud ive lived far enough, now i can rest in peace… greets from poland,
    nice song ;] see ya in game

  11. Poland welcomes! 🙂 Super song! OOoooooOOOOOO xD I welcome you Ireland!

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