19 thoughts on “EURO 2012 – Pre Tournament Interview Clip – Stephen Ireland (20/4/12)”

  1. you sir, are a cunt of the highest order. do everyone a favour and go to vinegar hill and kill yourself. im happy to see the irish get fucking raped in the euros by croatia and surely by spain and italy aswell. die you scumbag.

  2. and don’t be commenting on something you know nothing about. you’re not Irish, you’re from caaark, the biggest stinking dump in europe. you’re white trash. you’re redneck scum.

  3. you’re the fucking idiot. keane walked out on his country because he didnt want to be there, the cork scumbag. he manufactured a situation where he claimed it was because of the facilities. load of bollocks. most Irish, not caark, but IRISH fans would crawl over broken glass to wear the shirt, but not keane the caark scumbag. fuck his country, what he wanted came first. as for being the best player, he was never fit to lace Paul McGrath’s boots, not was he anywhere as skillful as Liam Brady.

  4. you are a fucking idiot. Roy Keane left because of how he was treated by McCarthy and the FAI. He had the balls to stand up and question the establishment and they’re abominable preparations for Saipan. And when he decided to STAY, McCarthy humiliated him in front of the whole squad. Roy left because of how badly he was treated, not because he was a cunt! He is the best Irish player ever, he is from Cork so get used to it. Cork has produced the greatest United captain and Irish player ever

  5. @RooneyMufc10 he’s from caaark. only caaark scum walk out on their country. remember keane the c*nt? and liam miller, the little caaark rat? see the connection? caaark is not Ireland. its an embarrassing little dump full of inbred bog-standard rednecks, the white trash of Ireland. he and the whole of caaark can go f*ck themselves. we dont want them anywhere near our team.

  6. cork scum. he should never be allowed anywhere an Irish shirt again. in fact he shouldn’t even be allowed to buy one. and he should be made to change his name. Ireland is way too good a name for any cork scumbag.

  7. Cunt Cunt Cunt. I don’t care if he’s better than Andrews or anyone else, the man is cunt plain and simple. Dunphy used to call Ronaldo the modern day football brat, this is exactly what he is. A self important cunt who thinks he’s far more talented than he actually is. Remember when he wasn’t getting in the Villa team and he said he might have to come back to the Ireland set up to put himself in the shop window, like we’ve all been praying for the day he found the kindness in his heart


  8. He’s been Villas best player this season despite Villa being woefully mis-managed (to which McLeish was sacked) this season.

    I’d take him in the squad over Keith fucking Andrews, jesus christ.

  9. Its funny how he is doing the big act to get people to feel sorry for him now that ireland are getting results and qualifying again. doesnt seem so long ago since he said he wasnt missing international football at all. let him enjoy his few appearances for relegation threatened premiership clubs because thats all he has left to enjoy in his career!!

  10. id rather if he didnt come back… any young player would give an arm and a leg to play for ireland but this baldy cunt just walks away ? stay away stevie like a good man

  11. Career gone through the floor and now wants to come into the team . Wouldn’t pick him ahead of most of the current batch … Enjoy 1 more villa season then off to shef wed or some other wasteland

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