25 thoughts on “Gary Lineker poos himself at World Cup 1990”

  1. He had diarrhoea on the morning of the match so it was inevitable that he was gonna let loose. I cant get over how nasty that is man….its dog shit that you find in the park, but you can see that shit and avoid it, and if you were ever to step in it, its the nasiest shit ever! Going in for a slide tackle and standing up to find your white kit turned brown is NASTY! And imagine the smell every time he runs by you. Its so nasty man lol

  2. Lol obv never knew he was gonna shit himself..and what would you do? miss a crucial world cup match? ever played football on a field or a park? garentee theres more shit on the field than u think…

  3. He shat himself tho! That shit is nasty! Imagine if someone wear to fall over that area and get a face full of his shit…EWWWWW fucking hell. He knew he had the shits, he should have stayed at home! Keep that shit off the pitch man!

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