17 thoughts on “Iceland 2-4 Rep of Ireland – World Cup Qualifier 1998”

  1. They were dark times indeed for the Ireland teams. I remember we drew 0-0
    at home with Iceland and Lithuania in that campaign.

  2. I remember this. Looks like such a terrible scrappy game now, Ireland made
    a meal of an easy group.

  3. Probably one of the worst non-offside decisions ever for that second
    Iceland goal.

  4. I remember this day. The game was on at around 2pm which was weird. I came
    home looking forward to the game and it was over!!! I think kenneddy plays
    for crystal palace or some where like that now m8

  5. @gunninlinguist they certainly did! they were in kind of a transition phase
    after jack charlton had left though

  6. has anyone got irelands 2-1 win against yugoslavia under mick, it’s like
    gold dust

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