14 thoughts on “Ireland beats USA in Rugby World Cup – from Universal Sports”

  1. The US has some of the best athletes in the World, we just let our rugby evolve ( or devolve) into our football. expecting the USA to win the world cup at this stage is like taking a baseball club from Ireland ( im sure they exist) and expecting them to win the world series.

  2. Anyone who thinks usa are just going to drop football and take up rugby are crazy. Football has too much history in the country. i just hope rugby gets just as big a football and is just as supported.

  3. What an amazing match. USA did me very proud. Congrats Ireland! Can’t wait to see how far the USA goes. Gorgeous steal by the USA, and amazing passes by Ireland. Rugger for life <3

  4. I had been dreading the World Cup leading up to it for the USA as their defense had been awful and tackling downright embarassing…. They did everyone proud.

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