25 thoughts on “Ireland FIFA World Cup 2010 Qualifying Campaign”

  1. oh sorry hamoba143, I didn’t mean it in a racist or insulting way. I meant
    that several players from the French national team eg Vieria were actually
    born in African countries, so if those players chose to play for their
    birth countries then the French team wouldn’t be as strong. Sorry for the
    misinterpretation and if I hurt you!

  2. Bulgaria ireland 1-1 with an imaginary penalty which allows the irelande to
    play . ireland did’nt say replay the match

  3. heyy thats crazy… /watch?v=XfSPLnmOUXE /watch?v=XfSPLnmOUXE
    /watch?v=XfSPLnmOUXE /watch?v=XfSPLnmOUXE

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  5. Don’t worry then, they’ll be back home quickly. This team of fucking
    cheating billionaires who call themself “french football team” but don’t
    give a damn about neither France nor football won’t spend more than a few
    days in South Africa. But let’s be optimistic : with a but of luck, the
    plane will crash over the Sahara.

  6. i love that ireland not go to world cup it’s really crasy and i am really
    happy. they can watch match on tv not in south africa.

  7. Thierry Henry is now getting his comeuppance for cheating us out of he
    World Cup..He has lost his place in the French team..That Swedish
    cocksucker referee saw exactly what happened, if u watch the replay, he & 2
    fucking asst. refs were in a perfect postion to see it…even the video
    footage the whole world saw of that cheating frog fuck handling the ball
    wasnt enough to convince that fat fuck Sepp Blatter.

  8. I liked the french style of playing and even wanted to grieve for
    France,for Tierry Henry but after this disgusting handballing I wish you
    loss France.Don’t pecker irish,I wish you good luck in the next

  9. Oh thanks for clarifying! I get ur point and yeah u right the French really
    wouldn’t be as strong!!! Well justice will be served and the French will
    get a fair share of it!! I wonder how Henry feels and the referee! both of
    them were in the wrong!!!! Thanks again!!!

  10. Am sorry you didn’t make it to the world cup and honestly wat Henry did is
    despicable and disgusting..watching it over and over does make me mad too
    but am African and ur comment kinda hurt me…watchu mean by most of
    France’s team is African anyway? coz I may have interpreted it the wrong
    way! Just wanted u to clarify if u don’t mind please.

  11. fifa said that there might be 33 teams and i think fifa would accept this

  12. haha yes thats true. most of france’s team is african anway. I’m still
    really annoyed we didn’t make the world cup 🙁

  13. My apologies if I have offended anyone! But harsh language is the order of
    the day when a sophist prick like oli is spewing his LIES around the place!

  14. I agree that every place has it’s dirty underside but the French had every
    opportunity to right this situation and honour the fair play ethos that
    supposedly underlines the game. Our government respectfully demanded a
    replay and Sarkozy says he doesn’t want anything to do with it (to our
    prime minister’s face), the prime minister then effectively tells our
    goverment to fuck off and mind it’s own business! They failed us at
    virtually every level.

  15. lets face it evry single country was nearly watchin dis match was da ONLY
    watchable playoff over BOTH legs

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