25 thoughts on “Ireland Have Nothing to Cheer About?”

  1. Actually out of the last ten matches between both sides, Ireland have won 3 and drawn one, which is a lot better than you are giving them credit for. Still Austalia have the edge in success over the years so fair play to them.

  2. lol a win over the wallabies and and you irish people are celebrating like you won the world cup….. 9 times out of ten the wallabies have beaten the irish on many occasions

  3. you got some nerve pal besides at least ireland can beat samoa and argentina and your calling us an embarrassment to the northern hemisphere wales havent got a hope this six nations just wait till we kick your arse up and down the millennium stadium. ya welsh dickhead

  4. Not really. You SH people think the NH is shit. It’s not 1995 anymore. Ireland are well capable of beating RSA or Oz. Maybe not NZ, they are the best by far. love the way they play to be honest, their FAR better than Oz or RSA too. Oz and RSA are the same as Ireland England France or Wales really. Don’t argue against that until you look at recent statistics.

  5. What’s wrong with people like you? The week before we nearly beat them. It can happen any team in rugby. And the fact you are so aggressive and vile just shows that you have no respect, your comment is completely idiotic and even the fact you came on here in SPITE just shows that you are quote unintelligent. Sad really.. I mean “Stick to the hurling”? Why, because we were outplayed in one game against the best team in the world? Wow, you are SO intelligent. Like,your wisdom baffles me Ponty1122!

  6. Yeah i see that the welsh rugby team are doing brilliantly at the moment. Actually no i got that wrong, they are not winning mamy games at the moment are they!? You even got beat by Samoa. You Welsh prick! Go let your anger out on England.

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