25 thoughts on “Ireland v Germany – World Cup 2002 on RTE”

  1. You haven’t forgotten the penalty shootout against Romania in the world cup 1990? I am swedish so I don’t know what’s he biggest moment in football for the irish people 🙂

  2. He wouldn’t be my first choice but he would be a contender.  He done a great job with Wolves in the Premiership on a string budget so he’s got far more experience now than when he was with us last. Chris Houghton would be perfect, great coach, bags of Premiership experience and knows our set up inside out. Owen Coyle another. Anybody except for the prick we have now. He’s a fucking disaster. Luck is the only thing he has going for him. Richard Sadlier said it bang right after Khazakstan.

  3. With Mick at the helm we always had a chance against any team. Did’nt always work out but with this prick Trap we are never gonna come up with this sort of display. He is slowly destroying everything that was good about our team. The fact is he has no belief at all in any of our players. That disaster at the Euro’s was a long time coming but was always gonna happen. Euro’s; humiliation, Oman friendly; Oman had 55% possession, Khazakstan; Disgusting. Our team; FUCKED!

  4. What the fuck is that supposed to mean. Most of the players are born here, and if the players born in England are playing for Ireland it is because their parents are Irish so they have Irish blood you fucking moron bitch.

  5. That comment is ridiculous. George Hamilton is and always has been a huge supporter of The Republic of Ireland! If I was a suspicious sort of person I’d suspect your a loyalist scumbag trying to stir the shit!! COME ON GEORGE!!!!!! COME ON IRELAND!!!!!!!!

  6. Sorry Danny, I disagree with what you say but will defend to being tickled to death your right to say it.

    He’s a Brit, end off, he has all the characteristics of a Brit too, stiff upper lip and no sense of humour, have you ever seen or even heard him laugh? – NO? – Well neither have I.

  7. You absolutely despicable human being. George almost DIED and came on the Late Late to express his absolute desire to be commentating on our games in June. Legend of a man. You make me sick, pal.

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