24 thoughts on “Ireland vs Australia RWC 2011 – Irish Supporters”

  1. Am an All Black Supporter true and told…. but without a doubt, beside our mighty All Blacks, I am now a true Ireland supporter!! Your team has done your country proud and you have brought phenominal excitment to us here in NZ! I have an Ireland flag on my car, amoungst the 5 All Black flags… and your flag will remain there, except maybe if it is an All Black vs Ireland final… lol…. Win or loose, you have our support forever more! 🙂 You are all amazing, thank you for being here!

  2. The correct response to Dia dhuit is not Dhia dhuit. Did he intentionally pick someone who couldn’t speak their own language? Disappointing that all they could sing was this Phil Coulter drivel. It is unfortunate that most of these young people don’t speak or sing their own language – a couple of token phrases and that’s it. Ireland’s Call is the most pulverizingly cynical piece of crap ever written.

  3. How about that Ireland and Donegal link to New Zealand and the All Blacks?

    First All Black captain was Donegal’s own Dave Gallagher… a hero in both hemispheres.

    What a match, lads. Amusing clip this… small fines for racial stereotypes and out-of-tune singing, but kangaroo meat on the bbq a touch of sheer class. Kia ora to all!

  4. Excelent video… If only all breakfast rugby was this good.

    Did I hear a few voices from the North?

    Hope you all are having the time of your lifes… .if only I could be there.

    Have fun guys, take care. Lets hope there is some silver to bring home!!

  5. ull never beat the irish because no matter what the result were always happy and out for a laugh 🙂 thats why were loved were the life of the party and we welcome all

  6. Well done Ireland was hoping you would beat the aussies and bust this bubble of people seeing the southern hem as infront of everytone else, looking forward to England playing in the early hour of tomoz ( im English obv)

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