25 thoughts on “Ireland Vs Italy World Cup 94 pt 2”

  1. Those American commentators and their Baggio this and Baggio that. Well
    Baggio was basically played out of the game and it didn’t take 3 men
    marking him either..

  2. Dear me ! I will never complain about John Motsen again – “Its a chipper by
    Ray Houghton – One to zero” ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Commentating is a joke. My 18 month old knows more about football.. ..sorry

  4. Fuckin infurating commentary. Ignorant Yanks don’t have a clue about
    football or bloody nationalities.

  5. ray houghton, a native scotston but he has the ancestry to play for
    ireland… I nearly pissed myself laughing

  6. what a bloody magnificent goal that was… This may still be the greatest
    match in Irish soccer history, sure 4-0 against Estonia is nice, but c’mon,
    Italy or Estonia? And Estonia was playing with nine men. This was jut a
    magnificent match where the Irish just put on a defensive masterclass and
    outclassed Italy. Well done!

  7. The goal wasnt against the run of play. That commentator is an absolute
    disgrace. He must be a baseball commentator or something, My dog knows more
    about football.

  8. england go to the long ball? u mean ireland u stupid american cunt fuckin
    yankie doodle do

  9. does the commentator say “again ENGLAND go to the long ball” at 8.56? i
    think he does??

  10. as an American of Irish descent (first generation) that was a great day…I
    was there…THe commentary was weak…but fair play…the American
    commentators have gotten better…I still have my ticket stub from that

  11. 8.56 he refers to the goal be England – bloody disgraceful and i’m not even
    Irish! Nice goal by the wee Scotsman Houghton!

  12. Those two commentators must have been lying in their bed the night before,
    stroking each others little cocks and dreaming of Roberto,,,, Oh
    Roberto…cum on me Roberto.

  13. its a chipper with the back spin.lunatics.these boys didnt even know what
    teams they were commenting on.what a victory though.

  14. Dude, there’s no denying that Baggio was great, but McGrath was one of the
    finest defenders in the world, so keep your insults to yourself! OOH AHH

  15. “Mcgrath may see that several times today” ha ha fuck you cunt yank

  16. That commentator is terrible. He actually thinks England are playing Italy,
    and he has no understanding of what is going on. He cant even pronounce
    Baggio…I think they fired him after this world cup after so many

  17. I truly hate americans. It’s a chipper. The game will be won ‘at’ midfield.
    At 08:56 they even call Ireland England. Tossers.

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