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  1. This to me is the true beauty of sports a team with strong fortitude accomplishing something beyond their realm is truly special I think that is something that has sadly become highly overlooked in America is our love for an underdog not just when they win a big championship but for giving their best efforts and achieving something that nobody but themselves thought possible to achieve. truly a mark of a true champion anybody can just bet on the fastest horse but sometimes it is the littleengine

  2. i hope that you, irish, qualify for euro 2012. you had a lot of misfortune last year against france. you didn’t deserve watching the world cup at home. i hope i can follow you @ poland and ukraine. good luck tuesday! grtz from belgium!

  3. Ireland’s goal against England was offside btw, in those days it didn’t matter if the player affected the play or not, you weren’t allowed to be offside when a shot was struck.

  4. I’m Arsenal, born Finsbury Park 1982 to a Mayo mammy and daddy. I knew I was Irish before like, but I remember watchin the Romania game wiv me auld fella. When O’Leary comes up for the pen, me da’s goin “Jesus wept! Don’t let that fucker take it!” and I’m like “He’s Arsenal! He’ll do it!” I was shittin bricks. When he scored. Wow. Only Anfield 89 beats it for me. And we was in Mayo when we beat the Italians in 94 and me nana and grandads anniversary party. Took the fuckin roof of the place

  5. really well done video, i’m an American-born Croat, I always cheer for Croatia and I always cheer for Ireland!!! You gotta love the plucky, lucky Irish!

    I hope to God that the Irish and the Slovaks edge out the Russkies and make it to Euro 2012, they’ll make it a better tournament!!!

    go and shock the Russkies in Moscow on 6 September, Ireland! That same day I will be in Dubrovnik following the Croatia-Israel game in Zagreb.

    go ireland!

  6. Hey man your fom the U.S what gives you the right to think you can comment on any football vid, for such a large country ye are absolutely shite…..what you dont understand is that this was such a great period for Ireland the 1980s was a terrible decade for the country so this was a time when for a short while many people could forget their problems, so no one cares about your stupid insignificant comment.

  7. yeah thats true, but before the world cups expansion to 32 teams from 24, teams finishing 3rd in the group usually made it through, according to the best records. 3 draws would have been very common in 82, 86 and 90, when teams played 5 across midfield to hold out, in a way that style is on the way back!

  8. It’s hard to go through with 3 draws in the World Cup since its expansion. However, Chile managed to do it in 1998. In that group, Italy finished with 7 points, Chile with 3, and Austria and Cameroon finished with 2.

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