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  1. I’m proad Ireland qualified for Euro 2012. I am typically a us fan, but Ireland is definately one of my favorate teams. Go Green or Go Home!
    Greetings from America!

  2. How was it the worst German side? They reached the final conceding only 4 goals in the whole tournament. They had a rock solid defence, and an striker maestro in Miroslav Klose. To score/draw against them is an extremely impressive fete.

  3. fair enough we were a bit robbed b in the spain game, but the rest was a shambles. a draw against the worst german side probably in 20 or 30 years and a fairly average african side . we won 1 match in that world cup.

  4. @vghardcore Roy Keane technically retarded?? Think you’re the retarded one son. Never gave the ball away, drove from box to box, scored goals. Liked to get stuck in but had a lot more to him than that. One of the finest players to wear the green. We haven’t replaced him and probably never will

  5. we were awesome right through the qualifiers to, fair play to mc carthy. roll on the next generation i hope theres more WC adventures down the line. After ’90, ’94 and ’02 the whole country was on the piss, for at least 3 months after the tournament ended, still celebrating….

  6. I love Ireland national football team, I like only Irish people in Europe. I hope Ireland and Turkey will be in same group for 2014 World Cup Qualification. Greetings from Turkey.

  7. @Stoned1nDublin listen… you and your “BHOYS” can have celtic and the spl… but don’t get confused as this clip poster did and decicde that the people who support their country ie the rep of ireland football team automatically support celtic. yeah ther may be some who do but not every1 does…… cushy=deadly.. but i was being sarcastic… all the best now

  8. My facts are plenty researched “mate” They didn’t have full and proper training gear for nearly a week after arriving

  9. Ah no worries then – A lack of sleep turns me into a suspicious fecker hahah.

    I never rated Holland, McAteer, Cunningham etc before the world cup but they all stepped up, and arguably above the plate and played out of their skins. Holland had a scorcher of a tournament.

    Still havent got over how we lost to spain, how France are cheats etc. We should of won a trophy by now!

  10. Ian Harte was and still is shit. McCarthy wasn’t preparing properly. He had the boys training on a car park one day. He was decent for Wolves but he was a dreadful Irish manager. Never picked players based on tatty falling outs. Same problem Ireland still has.

  11. I honestly didn’t know what you meant, that’s why I asked! But I disagree with you. Jason McAteer, Mattie Holland, alongside your list above, were all terrific performers during the qualifying campaign. Steve FInnan too. We had an excellent team, who played good football also.

    I would love to see Mick back in charge some day!

  12. You know what i meant, no need to be picky. Roy Keane out of our total player base was one of our star players. Him along with Harte, Keane, Shay and Duff.

    Thats not to say other players didnt perform for us.

  13. Yep, but sadly Roy Keane despite being an arse is an overall better player than Kilbane. Doesn’t mean he’s a better person, or someone i’d rather go to the pub with. But on the pitch he was one of our few stars during that world cup.

  14. Kevin Kilbane has played well over 100 times for the Republic of Ireland. Every time he put on the green shirt he played with pride, passion and always gave 100%. If everyone’s attitude was like Kevin Kilbane’s, we would be in every major tournament.

    Roy Keane on the other hand didn’t bother his arse playing “meaningless friendlies”. Obviously the guy is too good for the green. Kevin Kilbane > Roy Keane any day. (Not in ability, solely as a person and for attitude.)

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