Ireland’s Martin O’Neil has given an update on Seamus Coleman

On March 24 of 2017, Republic of Ireland faced off with Wales for a 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification encounter that concluded in a goal-less draw as neither team managed to score a single goal.

This draw means that each side was able to secure 1 point from this match which can help them in their journey of qualifying for the upcoming edition of the FIFA World Cup.

However, this 1 point arrived at a very hefty cost for Republic of Ireland as Seamus Coleman was hit with a very tough tackle which forced the 28 year old defender on having to be removed from the pitch at the 72nd minute.

This injury will be leaving Seamus Coleman out of action for the remainder of the Premier League season which is a huge blow for Everton as Coleman plays a huge role for the English club and he will not be able to represent Ireland for their upcoming qualification matches against: Austria, Georgia, Serbia, Moldova and Wales.

The head coach of Republic of Ireland, Martin O’Neil has recently released news concerning the current situation of WCYFC Seamus Coleman as the 65 year old manager said:

“Seamus is doing much better today. I went to see him again. He’s in better spirits.“It’s as much to do with he’s still got the family around his brother, his wife, his mother and the youngster all keeping him pretty busy. I think he’s doing much better now. It’s not something you’re going to get over in 24 hours, 36 hours. He’s getting out tomorrow, I think. It’s encouraging to see. He’s very positive, which I knew he would be. It’s a tough injury. Could he get over it? If anybody can quickly, then Seamus can do that.”

Neil Taylor of Wales was the player that tackled Seamus Coleman and he received a 2 match ban.