25 thoughts on “Irish fans singing to Polish police woman we love you”

  1. This is why I love Ireland and have always wanted to travel there. I have
    Irish roots on my dads side and I always wanted to meet that side of the
    family in Ireland. I also have german and indian on my moms side. I want to
    travel there as well to see if I can’t track my root family down. lol I
    love Germany and Ireland!

  2. +VTaperMOFO Well that’s not a very nice thing to say and a huge
    generalization to make. I’m a natural blonde, I’m slim and attractive and
    happen to be British. I have many beautiful friends. You shouldn’t be so
    mean, There’s attractive people all over the world.

  3. scandinavian and german girls are the most overhyped chicks in Europe.
    round fat faces..look like piggies. no thank you.

  4. According to whom? “The book of statistics only inbred retards would
    believe in”?

  5. infact the purest and most undiluted gene pool in Europe are the Welsh! go
    check for yourself you low self esteemed european wannabe.

  6. lol your ignorance shames you! “British and Irish DNA is 80% R1b and its
    subclades, other european nations are not as pure as that, Germany and
    scandanavia are more “mongrel” than the UK that is a fact!

  7. мы вас в рот выебем всех и на вашей земле ебали вас и у себя дома вас
    выебим ! дегенераты сброд дикарей

  8. “Some might even not consider them europeans.” – Yeah, some who are
    geographically illiterate. We’re hardly Africans, now are we? I have my DNA
    sequenced. I’m pretty sure I’m European. Can you say the same?

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