24 thoughts on “JEDWARD – Put The Green Cape On – EURO 2012”

  1. Who cares? Its hilarious, catchy and for a good charity!

    Got to love all the music industry know it alls on here……..oh wait, its just miserable losers who couldnt even get a job scrubbing a record companys toilet.


  2. Yeah, it is. they were in x factor 3 years ago….. awks. I don’t see or hear anyone else singing this? maybe you should listen to the rest of the music before calling then unoriginal. And they’re in azerbaijan right now, representing Ireland again. what are you doing? sitting behind a computer giving them hate cause you dont have a life?

  3. mo I don’t like Jedward. but after seening this, they are very good singers. maybe because I didn’t like them when they made them sing those songs just to get them out of the show

  4. I never said they did. Well its not fucking dancing is it? just because you dont like it doesnt mean its not music. Its for a good charity and no, its not shit.

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