24 thoughts on “Just Believe – Ireland vs. Estonia Euro 2012 play-off promo video”

  1. nothing wrong with optimism, just believe eh? a lot rests on the croatia game, performance and result wise, i think we’re all giving up on Spain but have to hope we do not slaughtered and go into the italy game low on confidence. Backs to the wall, when we need a result, we can get something

    i hope theres somethin at stake against italy, just found out this week I’ll be going over but regardless of how we do, we’re there, lets enjoy it. bring back the good times, every irish person deserves it

  2. My optimistic yet still honest opinion:

    Ireland to draw with Croatia
    lose to Spain
    Beat Italy

    Make it to the Quarter-Finals

    but I guess it’s still Que Sara, Que Sara.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Come on Ireland! cannot wait for summer 2012.

  3. how many people live in Russia ? Ireland 35 Russia 3 and Ireland 62 Russia 12 in Rugby. Don’t be so cocky , you are pretty shit at team sports for the size of your nation.

  4. IRELAND is just better than ur little petty country ok get over it we are going ur shit team are staying at home watching real players so fuck off 1-0 didnt we destroy u in ur country wehhhh wehhhh fuck off it was good for ur bum country 2 get that far where is ur country no 1 even knows cos no 1 cares about ur little 3rd world country keep trading in beans poor fucks

  5. People, forget about the narrow minded comments from the likes of GrVardan, the fact is our country is going to the Euro’s this summer, and its no more than we deserve. We’ve had our share of disappointment in the past, so lets enjoy every minute of the build-up and the event itself without getting caught up in the bitterness of others!

    C’mon YBIG!

  6. hahahahahahahahahaha enjoy watchin ireland in the euro’s XD hahahahahahahaha fuck u anyaway ya dirty smelly scumbag communist prick !!!!

  7. — shorter ….. Good luck, become a world champion of all time … brazil rest … and so on, tired, I do not write more! yes forgot to say you do not get caught more with us in one group…!!!

  8. and when we played this october, we were missing players like Robbie Keane, you didn’t play full strength ireland side. The one goal you scored against us was a shot Given should have saved.

    In July 2011, we played Italy in Belgium with a reserve side, and bet them 2-0. We played Croatia a month later with a mixed side and drew 0-0. This idea of a full strength Italy and Croatia thrashing us will not happen. Do some research on the matter before commenting again!

  9. —-In September, you have won a very great difficulty…Our team then had not yet formed completely……. italy, spain, croatia, will full-destroy you !!!

  10. And September 2010 ,when we bet you 1-0 in your own ground, whats your pathetic excuse for that?

    we had 21 points, you had 19, its a 2 year campaign and you didn’t qualify. Simple as that!

  11. ur the losers and why dont u fuck of for once in your liitle life on wait u probs dont have one anyways shut ur mouth and stop watching a video thats made for irish soccer fans 2 watch not 4 u 2 write nasty comments about us

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