23 thoughts on “Mandzukic Carries Croatia,Torres’ Goals Sink Ireland: Euro 2012 Mixer”

  1. No need for curtesy, Greeks should win that if not the two goalkeepers and
    a minimal offside. Lewy and Kuba are great, but it`s not Borussia. A draw
    against Russia is no shame, but they should play better against Greece and
    win… Defeating Czechs is our only hope, we have only 2 points, they have
    3, like Ukraine, which played only a one game so far. Hope at least for a
    draw today, if not a vicotry, and you`re on a way to the quarterfinals.
    Thanks for support, now i`m going to watch the game 😀

  2. Noone can forget about it, great game against Sweden, Szewa rules… and
    i`m looking forward for today`s game gainst France. Hard opponent, but sure
    i`ll be cheering for Ukraine. Greetings from Warsaw 😉

  3. Torres a premier league flop? Thats why he scored over 20 goals his first
    year in the Prem. Right.

  4. Thanks, I think Poland had some of the best goals in this tournament and
    It’s sad that the drew against Greece. I’ll be cheering for them tommorow
    against the czechs 🙂 Greetings from Lviv 🙂

  5. Spain played very well, but to be honest, Ireland is probably the worst
    team in the tournament.

  6. Yes, Poland and Ukraine, I was being sarcastic because the guy in the video
    talked like he was in the center of the action.

  7. New York City? Yeah, that’s about right in the center of the Euro 2012,
    isn’t it?

  8. Yes, but we all like them the most because they’re such a great bunch.
    Also, for me, personally, Guinness is best bier by far… 🙂

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