25 thoughts on “Northern Ireland World Cup Bid 2018.wmv”

  1. @timmyedwards passport is either british or irish nothern ireland is not a
    country just a state but lets not get all politicial no1 gives a f*ck
    anymore we all live in peace

  2. @theoneandonlyMCKEE Northern Ireland is not a country? The Government of
    Ireland Act (1921) split the island of Ireland into two separate countries:
    Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. Northern Ireland was to be placed
    under British Rule, as part of the United Kingdom. It has remained that way
    to this day. Northern Ireland is a country under every legal definition. I
    would like to point out that I am not bitter, or incapable of living in
    peace, just it is important to use facts, not fiction.

  3. @irishrebel92 Northern Ireland has been a country since 1921. The Republic
    of Ireland has been a country since 1949. Surely being Irish they would of
    told you that in school?

  4. Wi a vid like dis sure how cud we not get da Worl Cup…Och now it jus
    wudny b rite!!! ..fcukn magic!!

  5. Why do all videos about NI football have to be accompanied by a fucking
    Snow Patrol song?!! Does my fucking head in. There are other bands out
    there, you don’t have to continuously keep referencing them just because
    they hail from Northern ireland. It’s almost beyond cliche now, also this
    song has to relevance to the content of the video.

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