O’Neill Wants Clarity Over Roy Keane Issue

The manager of the Republic of Ireland national football team, Martin O’Neill, wants some clarity over Roy Keane issue till the end of the next month.

Keane (the assistant of O’Neill) has recently been approached by the Premier League club Aston Villa for the job of the assistant manager, but, he is yet to decide on that.

O’Neill has given Keane one and half months’ time to make a call and then assure the association of Ireland that his club commitments would not come in his way of being fully available for the national duty.

A few days ago, there had been speculations that Keane would become the Celtic FC boss, but, eventually, he decided against it. It’s hard to say if he would do the same to the Aston Villa offer too or he would accept it.

O’Neill wants Keane to decide on it soon. He doesn’t want this saga to carry on for a long time and go on till the last week of August.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, the Ireland boss said, “It’s hard to assume what’s going to happen. There was the same scenario a few weeks ago when he had got the Celtic offer, but, he didn’t take it. So, I have no idea what he would do in Villa’s case. As far as I am concerned, I just want a call to be made soon. A couple of weeks are fine for it to go on, but, it shouldn’t go on for long.”

“Also, I want to have a chat with Paul (Lambert) and know what kind of a role Roy will be in there at Villa.”

Roy Keane has worked as manager at a couple of clubs i.e. Sunderland and Ipswich Town in the past.