24 thoughts on “Put ‘Em Under Pressure – World Cup 1990 Irish Football Song”

  1. The melody comes from an American civil war song called ”Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!(The Prisoner’s Hope) ,written by George F. Root in 1864. The Melody was used in the Irish rebel song , ‘God Save Ireland’ by Timothy Daniel Sullivan in 1867 and also the tune ‘Jesus Loves Little Children.

  2. well the Kilt came from ireland and whiskey and uilleann pipes. scots didn’t wear kilts til the 12-13 th century… you can read that in any history book. and in fact scotland and ireland were the smae land once… so we are the smae culture…thats why. i am not sure about the world cup song though…

  3. The chorus in this is just a straight rip off from Scotland’s 1978 cup song, Ally’s Tartan Army.
    Typical Irish plastic copy of Scotland’s, only it sounds much more shite..cheap remix.

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