25 thoughts on “Rep of Ireland v Italy 1994 Full Game”

  1. Tried to make it widescreen the ratio aspect doesn’t appear to work,
    Thank you for the Replies 

  2. Thanks alot for uploading.
    The commentary is downright atrocious-not an atom of excitement, nothing of
    the immense atmospherics of this great historic encounter.
    What’s is name-Micheal O’Hehir doing the GAA stuff-wish he has been there.
    Surprisingly, the US commentaries captured something of the great drama –
    I’ll check if I can find and upload.

  3. Its so disappointing that Andy Townsend nowadays seems embarassed to have
    been even associated with Ireland! When you listen to him co-commentating
    on UTV he is totally english and indeed there was a stastic discussed
    during a world cup match 2014 about Mark Kinsella whom he played with for
    Ireland. He whispered a comment to commentator and ignored a subsequent

  4. NY has a significant population of Americans with either Irish or Italian
    ancestry. I’m sure they went to support their teams.

  5. I was there. Ten of us from Liverpool. Brilliant night. Almost as good as
    Genoa 4 years earlier. Come on you boys in green.

  6. Philipp Babb Babba Phill.How can I forget that game.The italians call all
    the Saints there was no answer.

  7. Italy Vs Ireland in New York , NY . This is the best game I have ever seen.
    Thanks for the upload !

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