25 thoughts on “Rep of Ireland World Cup exit: O’Herlihy, Giles, Souness and Dunphy react”

  1. I been watching the recent friendlies also……………. MC SHANE gota go
    people please ffs!.,

  2. @HIURNAMEISTOMMY Im sick of looking forward to qualifying campaigns, i want
    to look forward to a tournament. BAH! Also, by now we all know ireland are
    kings of sitting on 1-0 then conceding in the 89th minute. No one does it
    better than us

  3. yeah all fields… they’re only the fifth best rugby team in the world and
    you’re from where germany? 27th just ahead of kazakhstan, good on you!

  4. @Malbranque69 Aldridge, Heighway, Houghton, Whelan, Bonner, O’Leary?? I
    could go on…

  5. @irishdan2007 That’s a shockin’ assessment. Keane, Duff, McGeady and
    especially Doyle are well above average. We always had one ‘world class’
    player per generation (Giles, Brady, Paul McGrath, Roy Keane and now Shay

  6. Come on Ireland we can do it. Let’s beat Estonia on Friday then take them
    at home and finally get to the euros. First time since 1988 was only 1 at
    the time need to c us there.

  7. Dunphy should get with reality,Trappatonni has his squad,and he’s doing a
    fantastic job,obviously he’s had a run in with andy reid,that happens in
    football,alex ferguson has chucked many a good player out of united for
    crossing him,van nistelrooy,stam,beckham to name a few.older managers are
    set in their ways,i think that ireland have a great chance to qualify for
    euro 2012,and traps the man to lead us there

  8. The performances of Italy and France in the World Cup show in reality how
    limited the Irish Players are. Two great footballing countries but both at
    their lowest point in their history and we couldn’t take them out, unlike
    the Slovakians/Mexicans. We don’t know how to play football and Robbie
    Keane is our Beckham figure – a media created myth. He missed so many
    sitters at vital points and spends most of the matches on his arse or
    waving at the ref. Irish soccer = GAA without using hands.

  9. Gibson only plays in the champions league in meaningless matches and
    usually perfroms badly and im a united fan.Agree with everything else
    except Reid was not injured .

  10. Giles is rubbish as he was as a manager.He did not understand how to do it
    as a manager.Paul Jewel should be the next Irish manager as he ticks all
    the boxes,Giles your a beaut.

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