25 thoughts on “Rocky road to Poland (Ireland Euro 2012 song) Full version.”

  1. looking forward to the game ,the music,the fans..YOU WILL NEVER BEAT THE IRISH!!!! Cheers from CALGARY…..Ireland,Liam,Sean and MICHELLE….

  2. I hope plenty of money is raised for the charity, if you have a few minutes to spare check out my Euro anthem song THE CELTIC ROAR which took me 7 years to complete…

  3. Not only did they ruin a good song but this is a joke of a effort. Where did the song writers of early 90’s go. This is fucking embarressing

  4. lads whats with all dis pessimistic people in ireland dese days like i belive very strongly well get outta dis group,,,, crotia have no big names… italy are a spent force and spain are missing a few key players… cmon ireland

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