15 thoughts on “Rugby Challenge 2 – World Breakfast Cup – Round 1 – Ireland vs France.”

  1. we irish have a terrible record against france, u have no idea how much we
    hate those french lol

  2. Wanted to try this out a bit before I replied! I have now and yeah, it
    makes a massive difference! I put it up a little so rucks are faster in
    recent videos you may notice the difference. That was about 1/4 up from
    half way which is default. So you can change it massively and it has a big
    effect! A great addition.

  3. if we lose to france in the rwc url were tot fcked cause we will have to
    face the all blacks in the quarters

  4. Dont worry, I’m sure we will get another shot at them in a more cut throat
    match later on… maybe….. Was sooooo close though in this one though! 🙁

  5. i cant believe that we havent reached the quater final, i flt like crying
    when we lost to wales in 2011, that was the best chance we had of reaching
    the final, 2 six nations match from the quater final

  6. It would be started already, if it was actually on the game. Like I said
    last time, I cant do it until its been added on with the mod and when it
    is, I will do it. Hopefully they add it in with one of the new versions
    soon 🙂

  7. Oh oh oh! What a fantastic idea! We will be seeing him in round 2, but
    maybe thats where I’ll head for the second edition of the World Breakfast

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