24 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011 Preview : Ireland”

  1. Europe rugby teams are pretty underated. Ireland and Wales are very good teams with excellent players.

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  4. I said Ireland’s not in Britain, Britain is not a country it’s a geographical area so Ireland couldn’t belong to it. I was simply pointing out that Ireland is not a part of that geographical area. I didn’t ask any questions and I’m not the one who put a stupid comment on the video that is totally irrelevant.

  5. Yes there’s a video for Wales too in case you were too ignorant to notice, and Ireland’s not in Britain.

  6. I’m french, the Ireland is my second favorite team, I find this very attractive team, no doubt thanks to the two genies O’driscoll O’gara, congratulation for the match against Australia, go 6 nations ! Can’t wait ! 🙂

  7. fairly accurate prediction seen as your comment was 3 mths ago fairplay, shame to loose to italy, could still go home if dont finish the job the groups that tight

  8. Three weeks in, three games down, and three wins including over the Wallabies…a very tricky game against Italy awaits but so far your prediction is on course! Nice one!

  9. Ah listen bud..I was caling it like I saw it! We all knew they had a bit a magic in them but none of us were expected yesterdays class act…dosn’t make me any less of a fan or any less Irish because my predictions were wrong..=)

  10. well done ireland against australia today.
    in this time im gonna cheer for you.. 

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