25 thoughts on “Spain v Republic of Ireland | Euro 2012 Group Stages | Match Highlights | CPUvCPU”

  1. Why are people calling this guy gay? Surely you homophobic cunts should go
    and fuck off… I love these videos. They are fucking hilarious.

  2. Speaking as an irishman, ireland are fuckin shite, the media in ireland
    could talk up a turd, and the gombeens would believe its the second coming,
    well outta there depth not just in the group, tournament and all!!

  3. It’s cool that you have opinions and all, but next time try keeping them to
    yourself, because you’re a fucking retard. Also this video is about
    football, not multiculturalism, did you get lost on youtube?

  4. Looooooow lie the fields of Athenry! :’) We may have lost but we’ll never
    not support our country!

  5. I genuinely don’t understand the hatred this series gets. It’s not reasoned
    criticism, just hatred.

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