13 thoughts on “Spain vs Ireland – Thursday 14.06.12 – Euro 2012 – Group C – Final Score: 4 – 0”

  1. Can you justify your comment? lmao Fucking idiots – how many videos did you
    spam this around? lmao

  2. Hi just wondering why you haven’t made any videos on the New Zealand vs
    Ireland games? Would love to hear what your thoughts on those are

  3. shit dude, they killed you, teams give spain way to much respect on the
    pitch, but spain can defo put the ball about the pitch!

  4. Ah ok fair enough 😛 Yeah was heartbreaking we deserved at least a draw!
    You should watch the next one then could be good!

  5. Hey buddy – the main reason is that I just didnt see the games lol I did
    catch the end of the last one – damned drop goal!! lol

  6. That’s why I love the Irish, no matter how bad things are the Irish will
    always stand tall. Maybe that’s why you’re such a legend Paddy

  7. Poor Irish. Even the beer they sell in their pubs tasteslikeshit! And the
    chant of the fans made it sound like rape! You people chant, but do not
    have the balls to play the game anymore!

  8. hahaha they’re actually surpisingly populated lol At least the were the
    last time I was down

  9. @13triki I’ll forgive you stupidity and insolence, but just this once –
    Ireland’s performances are fuck all to do with balls – we simply don’t have
    the players to compete against the top teams in the world! And like Barn
    said…a lot of teams will get turned over by Spain like that

  10. beautiful sound that I heard tonight, tear to the eye, massive fan base and
    as you said. You will never….NEVER beat the IRISH!

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    geNOcide? Are YOU justifying Asian geNOcide? Are YOU justifying ARAB
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