25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry Handball Vs. Ireland(World Cup Qualifier 18/11/09)”

  1. That goal should have been banned, that is for sure… Americans can’t even
    comment about football they don’t know anything indeed, they even call our
    game SOCCER what a bloody! struked idea is that!?. This goal was an
    accident? i don’t think it was Henry knew what he was doing, that, is
    indeed for sure.

  2. Please let the matter rest! Henry already apologized for the incident. You
    heard what he said in my video? PLEASE LET HIM GO!

  3. @Roni90000 … who cheated … FRANCE … who should of won… IRELAND…
    who are cheats… FRANCE who are dirty faulers … FRANCE

  4. et si c etait un IRLANDAIS qui avait marquer de la main il n aurait pas
    eter voir l arbitre non plus alors…

  5. Cheeeeeeeaaaater .. Cheeeeeeeaaaater .. Cheeeeeeeaaaater ..
    Cheeeeeeeaaaater .. Cheeeeeeeaaaater .. and so on … >)

  6. @XxRooneyxX123 Time for little history. 1986 Diego Maradona scored on a
    hand goal in the actual world cup final against Germany. Henry does n’t
    make the rules. It was an accident.

  7. rate 5/5 if u tink its a clear hand ball!(im on irelands side by the
    way!)im irish!!

  8. im actualy kind of pissed at the coach of france too cause it was becuase
    of him a great player retired so young. yes im talking about david
    terzeguet. i think if trezeguet had not retired i think france would have
    came in 1st in their group and none of the bull shit would have happened.

  9. As an irishman myself, in my view the only blame i attach to is the irish
    team themselves. They had a couple of great chances to score prior to that
    incident. It should never have come down to that. Typical hard luck story.
    For those of you who arent familar with our teams history, our bad luck in
    qualifying matches is incredibly uncanny! Time after time theres the most
    dramatic heartache u can imagine that costs us dear in games. Im so sick of
    it now at this stage!

  10. I am ashamed of being a french fan. Unfortunately, we have the worst coach
    since football exists. He is a zero and we also hate him in France. The
    match must be played again. I’m impressed so much by the way the irish men
    played this night !

  11. No he wont,He is always going to be one of the best players football has
    ever produced,Even if Ireland had have won what would have happened?They
    would have been dismissed after their first game and flung out of the world
    cup.I don’t know what’s more sad,The fact you labeled Henry “A cheating
    cunt”Or the fact you live in Ireland and support Villa,Support your own
    teams.And if Robbie Keane hand balled it I know Ireland fans would be
    saying “Well that’s just how the game goes”Moaning twats.

  12. any player would of done it to be fair. the thing that wound me up was the
    way he celebrated

  13. i cant end message but i hope ireland get their replay cuz i think they
    worked real hard am i right? of course

  14. Im Irish, and when I saw the handball, I was like, “WTF”? I want to stick
    that football up Henrys hole.

  15. Because African are awesome! Why doesn’t America have 90% Black in the NBA
    and NFL?

  16. CHEATS….you got all you deserved!. Hau hau hau, frogz…. Sepp ROTT IN

  17. Well fair play to you for supporting your local team,To be honest i’m glad
    your league is getting bigger after we done the protest where we stood as
    far away as Irish Liverpool fans as we could (I know that makes us seem
    rude but it worked and a lot of them haven’t come back)But you really don’t
    get how annoying it is..And loads of teams show up for big games why should
    Ireland be any different?Yes they sung when they where 4-0 down..But
    Everton sang when they where losing 7-0 to Arsenal.

  18. dude if henry stopped and told the ref all of france and french fans would
    have called him a traitor

  19. FIFA= Fair Play Just ask, Henry, Blatter & Platini…they’ll explain the
    meaning of it to our children!!!!

  20. i love football , u cant write games like this , its like a movie , i
    really enjoyed watching this and look forward to the sequal when these two
    sides meet again. and just think when maradonnas handball against england
    started a rival , this is the start of a new rival between france and

  21. also im sure everyone here is fond of Diego Maradonna. if you think henry
    is a cheat then shouldnt maradonna also be considered a cheat. Maradonna
    himself confessed that the “hand of god” was not his first time he scored a
    goal with his hand he actually admitted he’s done that a few times before

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