20 thoughts on “World Cup USA 1994, Group E: Italy 0 – 1 Ireland (Giants Stadium, East Rutherford)”

  1. How am i a sectarian? Stop playing some kind of weak ass race card when you made a comment to intentionally goad people and someone actually reacts.

  2. @ 1:30 “…I went out and done the BUSINESS for THEM and scored the goal.”

    – Ray Houghton

    Didn’t that cunt Ray Houghton declare that he wasn’t Irish in some interview before, that he considered himself British? - which would explain the above quote.

  3. For sure he will do! Prandelli l’ha detto chiaramente, gli andavano bene tutti, tranne il Trap e non per ragioni emozionali. Sa la forza dell’Irlanda e di quel “vecchietto” inossidabile. See you in Poland =)) Complimenti per il tuo Italiano, e anche per il Napoli, anche se io sono Juventino, ma il Napoli mi piace. Bye!

  4. Grazie mille, rispetto enorme per il calcio italiano. La mia seconda squadra, dopo l’Irlanda, naturalmente. We will see you in June, hopefully il Trap will have a surprise for him home country! Forza Napoli e Irlanda!

  5. I was 9 at the time and remember going absolutely loo-la when the goal went in. I’m struggling to think of a better moment in the subsequent 17 years of Irish history.

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