23 thoughts on “Build-up to Ireland v Italy at Giants Stadium, 1994”

  1. hahaha look at Houghton and Staunton with their baseball caps on with the peaks flat. back in the days when nobody shapped the pak of the cap. they look like 2 American idiots working at an ice cream parlour lol

  2. Looking back, that Italian team was packed with absolute legends. Baresi, Donadoni, Albertini, Baggio – some team!!

  3. The band could have played every note perfectly, I’m pretty certain they still wouldn’t have got past Paul! 😀

  4. Yeah I noticed that aswell. But at around 0.55 he’s walking on the pitch with the green kit on him.

  5. Snap!!! same here 18th of June……It’s gonna be our 28th birthday when we play them again this year in Poznan for Euro 2012

  6. This band is total shite. Completely fluffed the anthems. Luckily the Irish fans sang at the correct speed.

  7. Irish team photo was of only 10 men at 5:35, Terry Phelan was in the dressing room changing. Reason he was in the dressing room, was because, the lads thought that they were earing white that day, and saw the Italians in the tunnel wearing white…….There was a mad scramble back to get changed into the green kit. Think it helped take a bit of the edge of before the match……

  8. What a piece of history beating the Italians, theyre going to get another dose of it next summer in poland, but the anthems in usa 94 were way to slow!

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