Ireland Admire France Performance In Lyon

Ireland might not have been able to sustain their position in Euro 2016 but it has definitely created an impression in many ways this year.

The tournament saw a unique trophy being given to the fans of this republic for the supportive and positive attitude they maintained throughout the tournament. That was a unique gesture by the French authorities and it showcased the sportsmanship and the important role that fans play for matches as well as for a country’s performance. Indeed, the country was able to sustain through several rounds this tournament thanks to the fans and the supportive environment they provided to the team.

The team however lost out to France in Lyon. The boss felt that the recovery phase that France took in the second round tie situation certainly helped the team to get back in form. France was able to get victory at a score of 2-1. Martin O’Neill said that the hosts had three extra days to rest and recovers which helped their final group game to be incredible.

That definitely made it difficult for Ireland to stand up against such a team. The differential was felt by Ireland by the second half when they could not match the stamina of the team with their own. It might sound like an excuse, but it is not as per the Irish coach. He felt that France played incredibly well and Ireland did not have much chance of putting up with that. Ireland definitely reached a greater height this tournament than they expected to. France looked to be geared for a win from the beginning and that is what made the difference for the team. It also helped the team to dominate over their opponents from the beginning which led to Ireland’s defeat.