13 thoughts on “Ireland’s Euro 2012 Draw – RTE Coverage”

  1. @tdcpm27 Those pundits may be underestimating Croatia but the point is it’s the one match Ireland need to aim to win, because getting anything from the games against Spain and Italy will be even harder. I’m not expecting an easy match against the croats but we drew 0-0 with them last year, and we also beat Italy in a friendly last year. But the euros are a different kettle of fish and I’m excited, and nervous, to see what happens in june.

  2. Just finished the video and wow how deluded are these three? they are convincing themselves that Italy are an easy win. I actually laughed when they said the team are getting worse. The italian team ireland beat last year are not the team they’ll meet in June. I think the irish are in for a surprise.

  3. @mustsilm I’m not worried about Italy. They’re the weakest they’ve been in years. They didn’t even win a single game at the world cup last year, and New Zealand managed to draw with them. We beat them earlier this year in a friendly as well, although friendlies don’t prove that much I admit. It all depends on which Italy turns up to the euros, but based on recent form I think we can get a result against them.

  4. I think Ireland will have a big wake up call in euro. I wouldnt underestimated Italy at all. They have made a final in every 6 years (1994-2000-2006….2012?). And talking about old players, Xavi is 32 by the time Euro starts. Pirlo is just a year older.

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