15 thoughts on “Spain 4 – 0 Republic of Ireland Euro 2012 REACTION (not the game) 14.06.2012”

  1. Didn’t watch the game btw jmans you’re having trolls that dislike your vids
    or what?

  2. This was a very mehh game. After Spain scored the first goal I knew it was
    over. I mean they have Torres and Cassilas. The rest was scored while they
    were chilling lol

  3. The monday matches in group C will be intense especially Italy vs Ireland,
    that one is crutial for Croatia. And Croatia vs Spain match, Obviously
    Spain is a favorite in that match, but we won’t make it easy for Spain.

  4. Lol Italy are through that’s a fact Italy will beat Ireland and Spain will
    beat Croatia group c is done just lk how easy ballotelli got through
    Croatia imagine wot Torres and co will do to them.

  5. you forget Ireland aren’t the best team not worried about them cos we got
    the Ox.

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