25 thoughts on “Spain-Ireland Fields of Athenry”

  1. Respect from Australia, we barely ever sing at sporting games, it sucks 🙁

  2. They were all PISSED, On the drink for the 72 hours previous to this game, They would NOT be like this if we were getting beat 4-0 at home, MARK MY WORDS!

  3. I’ve known a few Spaniards. Mostly classy proud people as well, they know when to defer.

  4. I’m not irish, I don’t even speak a good english
    but God, this song fucking makes me shiver
    I saw it alive tha day an it changed my plans of interchange

  5. Here is what the Irish supporters sing:
    “Loooooow liiie the fiiiields of Athenry
    Where once we watched the smaaaaall free birds flyyyy
    Our looooove was on the wiiiing
    We had dreeeeeams and songs to siiiiing
    It’s so lonely ’round the fiiields of Athenryyyyyy”
    And on and on and on…

  6. i now they are singing the fields of athenry. but i dont know where the song starts, which part they actually sing…please help me

  7. 4:31 why the hell doesn’t he pass to the guy who’s desperately waving at him?

  8. As a Scotsman I’m so proud to know that the Irish are my celtic cousins.

  9. Just noticed the chanting by the Spanish “Espana, Espana…” but eventually get completed drowned out.

  10. in that same stadium that night were the best football team in the world and also the best fans

  11. The German reporter stoppt talking for at last 3 to 5 minutes to honour these great fans!!!!

  12. I’m Irish-American, I can’t put into words how much a moment like this warms my heart

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