25 thoughts on “Spain vs. Ireland 4 – 0 Euro 2012 – Irish Fans are Singing The Fields of Athenry”

  1. LOL at least we have a fucking team. The Isle of Man doesn’t even have one and how shit do you think your shitty little isle’s team would be if you had one?

  2. I was suppporting spain but I felt for the Irish BUT GOOD NEWS the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are number 1 and are going to the championship game

  3. hi irish supporters, i´m from vienna, austria und i´ve never heard such a funky and heartfull support like you. welcome to vienna for the qualification WM 2014. I hope i´ll meet so much of you guys in the 1st district of vienna in a few few month (march 2013?) lets have a big party in vienna, football for everyone!

  4. War schon oft in Irland, ich liebe die Leute und das Land über alles !! Bleibt so wie ihr seit ihr seit die absolut größten !! So soll Fußball sein , allergrößte Hochachtung !!!!!!
    God save Ireland !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. no matter how good they play football, they have something for what they stand. it’s simply amazing how they start singing when they already lost the game. greetings from germany and I really hope that our fans will be sometimes like yours

  6. Thank you very much my friend, dont worry youre people love youre country just as much as we love Ireland, we just have different ways of expressing it.
    But that comment is very warming and I am really thankfull for people like you who help us show the world that winning is not everything! 🙂

  7. Ireland 4-0 down and they sung so wonderful…what would have happen if they wun the European Cup? I think they would sing so loud that you can hear that in Afrika

  8. Int these times of agression in stadiums all over the world, the Irish Fans show the best of all answer to that. I sign to what ErichMustermann wrote.

  9. Schade, dass sies heute nicht gesungen haben. Da hätte ich sogar bei einem 10:0 für uns noch angefangen zu heulen, so geil wie das ist.
    Ich saß bei diesem Spiel gegen Spanien paralysiert vor dem Fernseher und dachte nur: “Wenn sogar der Kommentator die Fresse hält…..”

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