25 thoughts on “Spain vs Ireland Euro 2012 Irish Fans singing The Fields Of Athenry”

  1. irish people have the best spirit in the world though our famine and conquer by british we sang loud and proud though rescessions we sing for hope in darkness we sing for light.

  2. goosebumps!
    in holland it was all negativ and no fun at all. And you Irish fans just heaving a good night and living the essence of what being a soccer fan is: Supporting your team in good and in bad times!
    Best fans ever

    Greetings from Holland!

  3. Im gonna make it to an irish football game. Here in america the loyalty and skill to soccer is nothing compared to Irelands, hell it doesnt match Europes talent, but yet i still love the sport. This is true loyalty! (the fans, not my minute statement about myself)

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