25 thoughts on “Ireland 1-1 Cameroon, World Cup 2002”

  1. mate ur 25 and ur acting like a complete spaz best of luck 2 ya hope u do
    well on the dole and ur country sinks as it usually does

  2. mate u r some spaztic go join d kkk or wateva it is u ppl do d video is
    about ireland and cameroon where does holland or race come into it at all

  3. I remember this game. Ireland could have won that if Roy Keane was on the
    team. I think he had a spat with coach Mick Mc Carthy and was kicked off
    the team. They got a point in this game. They even put up a brave fight in
    the R16 against Spain if were not for a missed penalty in reg. time they
    could have beaten the Spaniards. As it turned out after a 1-1 tie and no
    goals in E.T. they went out in a penalty shootout.

  4. i was on a all night bender when this match was on…. ah… they were the
    days…. you’ll never beat the irish

  5. Matt Holland is the dullest speaker ever. I send my kids to bed listening
    to him on talk sport,they’re in sleepsville in seconds. Poor guy,must be
    awful being that scared to give an opinion.

  6. i was sooooooooo tired watching this it was at like 6! woke up when matty
    holland scored tho!

  7. Ya sme I remember getting up early to wtch dis mtch wen I was about 6 r
    7…. Gd times ha

  8. here look, just cause were a much more respected country then holland
    does’nt mean you can take it out on irish people over the internet… i
    mean like seriously get a fucking life ya little 10 yr old cumstain

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