12 thoughts on “Ireland qualify for 2002 World Cup in Iran”

  1. I remember that Given plays very well, i was in stadium , Irish people is
    very amazing people !!

  2. @abtine78 i was there dat day n it was amazing.any western powersw who tink
    they can just march in ere r drop bombs 4rm sky n drop der pants in
    disrespect 2 iranian people are FUCKIN mistaken

  3. “I have a British passport and told them if I did not return, they were not
    to tell anybody I was a British citizen, I figured out being Irish I would
    be released quickly if I were kidnapped.” Kidnapped? The fuck?

  4. Iran is a lovely country with lovely people. It is a pity the media only
    show the negative side. Iran will have a great future and if the world lets
    it, it will be the same type of country as the rest. Where would Western
    culture be without Iran. Just one of its inventions (contrary to what the
    media say) is wine. Also, Ireland and Iran share a common heritage. Tribes
    like the Celts, Saxons and Vikings/Normans are closely related to the

  5. Great video thanks. I am half English and half Iranian and it’s always
    really good to see positive things about Iran and iranisns from Westerners.
    I hate how these bastards like Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton try and
    justify bombing Iran. I was at the first leg at the old Lansdowne Road and
    remember Shay Given single handledly winning that match for Ireland. I went
    to Iran last year and saw a game in the same stadium you went to (see my
    videos). A nation of great courteous people. Cheers

  6. ya, kidnapping isn’t like there 24/7, it may’ve been there in the early
    years of the islamic regime, but now things have been cooling off, people
    could easily travel there,but then again this regime is truely satanic, and
    dealing against them is going to be hell, but great to see Eireann people
    there, ye are great and beautiful people, Eirinn Go Brach and Zende Baad

  7. I remember this game very well .. it was the first game ever that some of
    Quran being read beafore the game starts.. and I remember the late goal of
    Iran and the Arabic commentary said : “oooh.. too late .. too late” … it
    was awesome days in Baghdad , except that we didnt qualify at that time ,
    but we will qualify this time by god’s will

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