25 thoughts on “Lithuania 1-2 Rep of Ireland – World Cup Qualifier 1998”

  1. it´s funny because favela is not even a mexican stereotype. go back to the
    pub you irish cunt

  2. the ‘mild immigration laws’ stem from free movement of workers which is a
    core pillar of EU law…its the same in lietuva 🙂

  3. 1994 world cup: MEXICO 2-1 IRELAND!! 1998 world cup: where was ireland?
    2006 world cup: where was ireland? 2010 world cup: ireland is gonna get

  4. i hope ‘eating all your potatos’ is a metaphor for ‘stealing all your jobs’

  5. I actually meant another Irish potato famine… And you’d have yourselves
    to blame for mild immigration laws

  6. Jeff Kenna, David Connolly, Keith O’Neill, Mark Kennedy-Irelands golden
    generation. *swoon*

  7. hello senor. perhaps spics like you should focus less on europe and more on
    your own poor country. why dont you get on your donkey and go back to your
    favela with all of your 15 whore sisters. go have a shower you discusting
    stinking spick

  8. remember going to home game against these. me mate for some strange reason
    wore a brazil jersey he was the only guy in the ground wearing yellow but
    we couldn’t find him a lithuanina flag. just wondering what fifa would have
    done with ireland if they had known cas was bogey

  9. i am from Poland but Lithuania if Ireland is so crap why u all in Ireland
    ur country is no better 1 bit ur country has less jobs then Ireland still
    when they are running low on jobs

  10. Lithuania should have been awarded this win for you Taigs fielding an
    ineligible player in Tony Cascarino! Cascarino = PLASTIC PADDY!

  11. With all due respect speedy gonzalez the only reason Mehico were at these
    World Cups is because the CONCACAF qualifying stage is ridiculously easy.
    Who do you have to beat? USA? Panama? Big deal. You should chill out
    dude…i wrote that comment 3 months ago in response to your stupid
    comment…let it go

  12. so speedy gonzalez…have you contracted pig flu yet….its not surprising
    swine flu would spread so quickly in mexico…thats because you mexicans
    love to fuck pigs..haha

  13. Lithuania are shit but the women are amazing!!!i fucked a bitch from Kaunas
    and she was great!!

  14. The lad who scored the 2 goals in this match should never have been allowed
    to play for Ireland btw

  15. you’;re dead right and the funny thing is the FAI knew it too but kept
    quiet they have no moral right to talk about fair play. although cas ended
    up being a strange kind of legend in the end

  16. @HateFenians Nah we did quite well with him and nobody complained. So eat
    shit. You’re just jealous. We’ve qualified for a World cup more recently
    than Scotland too and look like qualifying again this year. Must be
    horrible to horrible to be a Scottish football fan? You’re even lucky
    enough to have a professional league and yet all you can produce is a shite
    national team.

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