24 thoughts on “Republic of Ireland Football Glory Moments – Italia 90, Euro 88, 2002 World Cup”

  1. Thats the great thing about Ireland! Football isn’t even our main sport, yet with a population of 4 million people, we can still qualify ahead of countries who are bigger than us, and whose main sport is football! So fuckin excited ! COME ON YOU BOYS IN GREEN!

  2. Ireland’s clearly not going to have the best team in the world look how small it is ther is only 4 million people and then there is places like Spain 46 million and england 51 million and we still put up a fight to ya bastards football is Spain’s main sport and if them and England went good it would just be embarising

  3. leave another comment on this page n il rip out your esophagus and shit down your neck. no tea drinkers/english inbred uneducated/trolls allowed on Irish videos.

  4. Alright ye little cunt we do have good players like Keane,Dunne,Given,O’shea,Duff,Mcgeady, and plenty more Plus a lot of young players like Mcclean,Mccarthy,Clark,Duffy,Coleman,Gibson,Long we also do very well in major tournaments

  5. haha at that magnificent idiot writing comments below. been all around the world and the Irish are welcomed with open arms no matter where we go. Generally acknowledge as a country with some of the friendliest, accepting and genuine people. I’m sure not many people have sat next to you in new york, india, vietnam and offered to buy you a drink based on your outstanding personality or nationality. Our fans are widely recognised as some of the best in the world. hava a wee re-evaluation of urself

  6. My God, what a charming individual you are. My friend, you uploaded a Justin Bieber video to your channel, you don’t deserve an opinion.

  7. Listen stop replying to yourself and save it for someone who gives a fuck.Woof woof woof that’s what you might as well be saying. You are English because no Spanish person would write wiv. Now fuck off

  8. What is your problem. You troll. Our fans are the best in the world, thats why were excited you fuckpot. We bring the party, we enjoy the football no matter what. Such a sad little fucktard trolling youtube. Look at you, ballbag.

  9. What the fuck is your problem you sad little troll. We don’t have a super football team like Spain or whatever, but we have the best fans in the world who know how to party. Something you probably have never experienced before. Feel sorry for you. You can come to my next party actually. Only joking your not invited you bag of piss.

  10. you clearly dont understand what ” euro 2012 here we come !” means , you idiot and also mcgeady our best player wtf ? our best player is richard dunne and spain are not gonna get passed him ! and im gonna laugh loud very loud….

  11. Euro 2012 here we come???? ahhahaha yh about that- ur in the same group as spain so ur not goin any fukin where, ireland hav a shit footbal team- ur best player plays in russia- ur gonna go poland and ukraine and get so fucked up ur gonna cry

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