24 thoughts on “Fields of Athenry the song sung by Irish fans during Spain vs Ireland game at Euro 2012”

  1. It wasn’t footbal competition, it was a competition for a people,for a unity,and there is only one winner,Irish are the chamipion.Irish are the vanguard and the civilisation of the contemporary Europe.Greetings from Siliesia(south west part of Poland)I love You,Greens

  2. I know ” Fields Of Athenry ” loooong time, maybe 14 years? Now is big hit,
    on the world after Euro, but when world knows ” Go on home british solidiers “,
    And rest of Irish songs ? 🙂

    IRA & ETA and Serbian Kosovo !!

    Support from Poland !

  3. i liked the irish folks since i was 17….but what you people had shown on the em 2012…..you are AWESOME ! i hope the germans come to that point of support for their own team….

  4. thank god i was alone at home, because i cried like a little girl, when i heard the fans singing. the world needs more fans like the irish. thank you for the awesome moment! greetings from germany.

  5. OMG, We all need to support this amazing irish singer, SARAH TONER , just 14. Listen & You wont be disapointed.

    Please Support & Promote her any way you can.On TWITTER, FACEBOOK AND TO YOUR SUBSCRIBERS.

    Lets Get Her On Ellen.

    Thank You & Kindest Regards.

  6. Vrlo dobar SHOW od irskih navijaca….svaka cast pozdrav iz Srbije… 😀

    Very good performance by Irish fans…its pleasure to listen that … SERBIA 😀

  7. I am Italian, and I thank the Irish people that have shown how should be the real way to support a Team, without violence and fear! Thank you Ireland!!!

  8. Irish fans – you were amazing during this match. A tears appeared in my eyes. NEVER ENDING GLORY FOR YOU! Greetings from Poland and a lot of respect! United we win! You are great & this song is beautiful. Good day.

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